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Send donation SMS with text DMS kote to 17 777

For subscribers of Yettel, VIVACOM and А1. For subscription donations and other ways to donate visit For subscribers of Yettel, A1 and VIVACOM, the price of 1 SMS is 1 BGN, for users of prepaid services 1 SMS is 1.20 BGN including VAT, for subscription donations the value is 2 or 5 BGN per month.

Recently added animals for adoption

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Последни Кампании

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Save a life!

Some of our rescued animals:

Three ways to save a life

You can adopt an animal, sponsor it virtually or buy something from our online store.
All this helps us save animals!

Physical adoption of an animal

All of our physical adoptions are free.

There may be a shipping fee. 

To physically adopt an animal, please contact us on our Facebook page to start the adoption process. 


All animals deserve a chance at happiness and we hope to find them loving homes. 

Virtual adoption

Through virtual adoption, you help us with part of the monthly expenses for your chosen animal - food, sand for the toilet, monthly external and internal deworming, if the animal is sick or undergoing treatment - check-ups and tests are required every month.

Through virtual adoption, we and you are together in the fight for this life until it is adopted.

You can then cancel your subscription or redirect it to another pet.

You can opt out of virtual adoption at any time. And we will regularly send you photos and videos so that you can enjoy how the little animal is developing.


Buy something from our store

We now have an online store where we sell cute things to raise funds for the shelter. 
It's a nice way to donate: you get something sweet and help save a life at the same time 
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Feeding Newborn Kitten

Our mission

Our main goal is to limit, as much as we can, the suffering of stray animals in Bulgaria by feeding, sheltering, vaccinating, deworming, neutering them.

For the very lucky ones, we also manage to find permanent homes with caring owners.

We also aim to attract more people to our cause and to introduce the public to the problems of homeless animals and ways to combat them.

Together we can do more! It's worth it!

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